Hyundai Veloster 2019

Hyundai Veloster is relying on this interesting, energetic hatchback to draw in more youthful purchasers to the brand, yet the organization likewise needs to utilize this alluringly evaluated model as kind of a “switch corona” to add a touch of radiance to the lineup. It’s an eager objective, given that the past lively corona vehicle, the Genesis Coupe, didn’t exactly have a similar cachet as a Camaro or Mustang and was eventually destined when the upscale Genesis brand removed the car variant and stage from the more standard Hyundai lineup.

Keeping that in mind, Hyundai has given the Veloster an a lot bolder look, included an upscale Turbo Ultimate model and for the most part has changed, overhauled and patched up the vehicle, making it significantly more focused in a little yet stable fragment. Indeed, even as hybrid SUVs have whittled down vehicle deals, Hyundai accepts that the game conservative hatchback section is huge enough at around 2 percent of the all out market to warrant a nearness here. Accordingly, the organization is hoping to tout the Veloster’s ideals against other energetic hatchbacks just as a portion of the subcompact hybrids flooding the market.


Extraordinary Body

What separates the Veloster from other energetic lids is its novel 3-entryway arrangement, in addition to the openness of a back bring forth. From the driver’s side, it would appear that a roadster and has a long entryway that encourages back seat get to if need be. Be that as it may, stroll around to the traveler side and there are two additional entryways, which gives it the vibe of a normal 4-entryway bring forth with a swoopy roofline. The back entryway is pleasantly incorporated into the body with an entryway handle that is shrouded where the entryway meets the C-column.

There has been a critical update in the appearance of the vehicle with new front and back sashes, a quicker roofline and increasingly articulated bumpers and wheel curves. These changes, alongside a redo of the inside, give the Veloster a progressively genuine look and feel. The enormous falling grille has a dark work surface alongside a lower splitter with red enumerating on the main edge. The grille is flanked by enormous air bays and little openings that assist pipe with airing through the front wheel curves making the vehicle increasingly streamlined and calmer inside gratitude to a decrease in wind clamor. Mark LED running lights underneath the headlamps (which have a LED choice also) give the 2019 Veloster an upscale, solid look.

In profile, the Velosters at Premium and more significant levels are furnished with 18-inch wheels that assist load up with increasing the wheel wheels. Top line Turbo Ultimate models likewise have a differentiating dark rooftop. At the back, the lower diffuser is progressively articulated, there are two huge round tips that are a piece of a more extended double fumes framework, and the bring forth discharge has been covered up underneath the turn for the back wiper sharp edge.


Energetic driving

We didn’t get an opportunity to test the 2.0 Base or Premium models, which are fueled by a 147-pull, 2.0-liter regularly suctioned 4-chamber with 132 lb-ft of torque. That motor has been updated over the present base powerplant to make 15 more drive and 12 lb-ft more torque. The Turbo models (R-Spec, Turbo and Turbo Ultimate) utilize the past gen’s 1.6-liter 4-chamber that makes 201 drive and 195 lb-ft of torque. This all the more dominant motor is evaluated at 26 mpg consolidated, 33 expressway and 29 city when outfitted with the 6-speed manual, or 28 mpg joined, 34 thruway and 30 city, because of the 7-speed double grip transmission.

The turbo four is a hefty engine, with for all intents and purposes no slack. The Turbo R-Spec with the 6-speed manual is especially enjoyable to drive on the off chance that you like paddling your very own gearbox. Large upgrades to grip takeup and the tight, short tosses of the B&M Racing shifter and linkage, make the 2019 Veloster a lot of amusing to drive. It’s brisk and deft and goes precisely where you point it. The controlling feel is significantly better, however still not exactly as dangerously sharp as the activity on, state, a Volkswagen GTI.

The ride is all around controlled without being unforgiving and there’s bounty in the engine to keep you interested when the street starts to twist. The Turbo Ultimate model similarly has a similar street holding habits as the R-Spec (there’s no genuine distinction in spring or stun rates), yet the 7-speed double grip transmission gives perfect, smooth movements and there are the two oars and a manual mode on the apparatus change to enable you to consecutively choose gears. This freshly discovered dexterity is in no little section an aftereffect of changing the back suspension from a curve pillar to a multi-interface arrangement. Aluminum suspension parts additionally lessen the Veloster’s unspring weight, which adds to the Veloster’s athletic feel. Veloster is outfitted with Normal, Sport and Smart driving modes. The change from Normal adjusts the throttle reaction, guiding feel and move rationale on the programmed transmission.

Adding to the fun factor is the dynamic motor sound that upgrades the fumes note and conveys a portion of that aural fervor through the vehicle’s sound framework. The upgraded sound can be killed, or actuated in the game mode and further expanded with a third mode open through the vehicle settings menu. While Hyundai offers this framework to reinforce the solid sound of the Veloster, simultaneously it has gained ground to bring down generally clamor, vibration and cruelty (NVH) with a stiffer structure and improved protection.

Braking feel on the vehicle is straight and surefooted gratitude to 4-wheel circle brakes with brake help, which gives most extreme halting force when a frenzy stop is recognized.

Maybe perhaps the best an incentive in the whole lineup from an amusing to-drive viewpoint is the Turbo R-Spec. It’s estimated at $23,785, just $150 more than the 2.0-liter Premium, however is prepared progressively like the 2.0 Base. Yet, for that cash, you additionally get dark 18-inch wheels versus the base model’s standard 17-inch amalgam wheels, the more dominant 1.6-liter turbo engine and the smooth moving 6-speed manual. Decked out in dark, the Turbo R-Spec is a reasonable pocket rocket that will give the Civic Si a run for its cash.


Premium Look Inside

The 2019 Hyundai Veloster utilizes a twin cockpit way to deal with its inside structure. Hyundai has made a mind blowing showing of mixing both touchscreen controls on its huge focus show and ordinary switches and fastens for the radio and HVAC framework. Base models have 7-inch shows, while uplevel Premium and all Turbo models have the bigger 8-inch screen. Additionally offered on the Veloster is another 8.0-inch head-up show that can show security, route and sound data. At the point when sport mode connects with, the presentation shows a tach, computerized speed and chose gear.

The inside of the Veloster has the degree of materials and quality you’d hope to discover in a vehicle costing over $30,000. Base and Turbo R-Spec models have material upholstery, while Premium and Turbo models have a mix of cowhide and fabric, and full calfskin on the Turbo Ultimate. The back seat, which is effectively gotten to by the traveler side back entryway, is a 60-40 split structure and overlays level which significantly builds the vehicle’s utility factor. Hyundai likewise flaunts that the behind the rearward sitting arrangement payload limit of 19.9 cubic feet is better that different hatchbacks in its group just as subcompact hybrids like the Toyota C-HR (19.0), Chevy Trax (18.7), Jeep Renegade (18.5) and Mini Clubman (17.5).



The Veloster is furnished with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto similarity as standard gear and on uplevel models, an Infinity 8-speaker premium sound framework is accessible. The framework incorporates a subwoofer and Clari-Fi Music Restoration Technology, which upgrades the sound of music that is conveyed in packed organizations. Veloster additionally offers Blue Link Connected Car innovation that likewise empowers similarity with keen watches, Google Home and Alexa. Other Blue Link highlights incorporate remote beginning with atmosphere control, remote lock/open, and vehicle discoverer. The 8-inch interactive media route framework likewise includes an overhauled processor for quicker reaction and incorporates HD Radio Traffic and Info.



Execution, utility and the enjoyable to-drive angles are high needs for the 2019 Hyundai Veloster, however security isn’t given quick work. Indeed, even on the Base model there are standard helps like forward impact shirking with programmed braking, path keeping help and programmed headlamps. Vulnerable side crash cautioning just as back cross-car accident cautioning is on all Premium, Turbo and Turbo Ultimate models. Additionally offered on the Veloster is a driver consideration cautioning framework that screens directing data sources and different variables to exhort you when it’s an ideal opportunity to stop and enjoy a reprieve. Other discretionary highlights incorporate brilliant voyage control and high shaft help. All Velosters are outfitted with back up cameras with dynamic stopping rules.



The 2019 Hyundai Veloster is offered in five trim levels: 2.0 Base, 2.0 Premium, Turbo R-Spec, Turbo and Turbo Ultimate. Base models are outfitted with a 147-pull 2.0-liter typically suctioned 4-chamber, while Turbo models have a turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-chamber motor making 201 strength and 195 lb-ft of torque. All models have front-wheel drive. Veloster goes at a bargain this mid year; all costs incorporate a $885 goal charge.